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Each organization is unique. We listen and observe carefully before we create a tailored business plan together, drawing upon our collective expertise.

VE Partners has a rich history with over 25 years of experience across a wide range of sectors. A common denominator of success over the years has been seamless alignment between management teams and VE Partners. Alignment in shared beliefs on strategy, priorities and expectations. Our involvement truly starts beyond the transaction phase, based upon the commonly defined expectations.

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VE Partners’ extensive experience in guiding companies through a transitional phase can effectively be employed at companies with an ambitious growth agenda, both for autonomous and/or acquisitive growth. VE Partners has successfully supported various business owners & management teams to develop and execute a growth path.

Over the years, VE Partners’ has invested in several companies with sizeable (industrial) operations, where inefficient, ineffective and ‘neglected’ operations, systems and structures have led to prolonged financial performance below the industry average. VE Partners has supported many companies and management teams to address and resolve strategic, operational, and financial challenges. 

VE Partners regularly acquires a large share in companies from its founder(s) upon which the companies are still highly dependent. These successions and transition deal types have typically required management transition and strategic support from VE Partners.

VE Partners has acquired several businesses or business units that were part of a larger group and were divested because they were no longer deemed core to the group. VE Partners has helped management teams to carve-out the business and manage the process of transforming the business in an efficient and effective stand-alone organization. VE Partners has done so successfully in different industries with amongst others ACS Group, Premium Sound Solutions, SPT Offshore and Eqin.

With our long and solid background, VE Partners has successfully managed business turnarounds and restructurings for decades. Our experienced team understands the ins and outs, implementing smart strategies that turn challenges into positive changes, making businesses more resilient and efficient whilst creating new continuous revived companies.



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