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We are VE Partners

At VE Partners, we listen carefully, build trust and unite teams to identify both straightforward and complex solutions.

Our goal is to create value together. This can be realized through the strategic deployment of capital, the collaboration with management teams, and the dedicated expertise and time contributed by the VE Partners team. Currently, we are actively investing from our fourth investment fund, successfully closed in November 2022.

This is what defines us


At VE Partners, trust is a foundational principle and the cornerstone of our enduring presence. This commitment ensures the consistency of our promises over the long term and makes sure we can build relationships that last.


Our organization thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our operations. We specialize in creating unique strategies and innovative solutions, driven by our commitment to forward-thinking and excellence.


Bringing expertise since 1999, we use our industry know-how to guide investments. Our proven track record in acquisitions and portfolio management shows our commitment and makes us a valuable partner for entrepreneurs and management teams.

How we work

Efficiently navigating transactions is a cornerstone of our approach. We conduct a substantial portion of the due diligence work in-house, which allows us to efficiently progress through the process. While our prior experiences are invaluable in comprehending similar situations, we maintain an open-minded perspective, recognizing the unique nature of each case.

After the transaction, our commitment extends to hands-on involvement. We customize our approach to fit the organization’s needs and the preferences of the management team. We take on individual projects aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, boosting profitability, or refining specific processes. Leveraging our experience in acquisitions, we prove to be a valuable partner, particularly when executing a buy-and-build strategy. Our track record showcases our capability to navigate complex scenarios and contribute to the success of our partners.

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