InterDam Strengthens Market Presence through Acquisition of Keers Special Doors


InterDam proudly announces the strategic acquisition of Keers Special Doors BV, solidifying its position as a manufacturer of tunnel escape doors in the Benelux region. The transaction involves the complete purchase of Keers Special Doors BV, with the integrated entity set to operate within the InterDam group.

The entire integration process is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, under the adept leadership of CEO Fraser Weir. InterDam’s acquisition of Keers Special Doors BV creates a synergy that positions the company as a leader in the production of fire-resistant escape doors tailored for tunnels.

Fraser Weir, CEO of InterDam, sees this move as a logical step in the company’s diversification strategy, allowing for accelerated innovation and enhanced service delivery in the tunnel market. He states, “The acquisition of Keers Special Doors is a logical step in our diversification strategy and will allow us to innovate faster and provide higher service levels to our customers in the tunnel market.”

InterDam aims to leverage Keers’ specialized knowledge in tunnel doors with its own extensive experience in manufacturing fire-resistant doors, robust research and development capabilities, and a proven international track record. The resulting collaboration is expected to yield better products and service levels for customers in the international tunnel market, covering all aspects of the life cycle, from new builds to maintenance and renovations.

Combining Keers’ tunnel-specific expertise with InterDam’s broader capabilities, the company aspires to establish a center of excellence for tunnel doors. The Netherlands, with its influential role in defining international tunnel standards, particularly through the Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) fire curve adopted by several countries, provides a solid foundation for this collaborative endeavor.

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