EQIN | Indu-Tools Group Expands Its Reach with the Acquisition of ToolsRent24 in Germany


The EQIN | Indu-Tools Group, the overarching entity encompassing rental companies EQIN and Indu-Tools, announces the acquisition of the German rental company ToolsRent24.

Driven by a sustainable growth ambition in the Western European industrial rental sector, the EQIN | Indu-Tools Group has strategically sought to reinforce its commitment and expand operations in Germany, focusing on the Nordrhein-Westfalen region. ToolsRent24, with a similar customer base and a rental fleet closely aligned with the group’s offerings, primarily focuses on the rental of industrial tools and welding machines. The acquisition presents a strategic opportunity for the EQIN | Indu-Tools combination to extend its access to a crucial region, further strengthening and professionalizing its position in Germany and Western Europe.


This strategic move lays the foundation for continued growth in the German market, closely connected to the main headquarters in the Netherlands. The EQIN | Indu-Tools combination aims to bolster its position in Western Europe, facilitating further growth and innovations. Erwin Claus, CEO of EQIN, elucidates, “We aim to adapt to the evolving demand in the growing market. Through this acquisition, we can better serve our existing German customers. ToolsRent24’s fleet will significantly expand with light, air, and power provisions. Additionally, we can share our sustainable solutions, innovations, and digitalization with the market. This includes developments in the ongoing energy transition within the industrial sector, as well as opportunities for broader telematics utilization.”

Initially, ToolsRent24 will continue operating under its current name, remaining identifiable as part of the EQIN | Indu-Tools Group. This strategic move marks a pivotal step in the group’s expansion, solidifying its presence in Germany and contributing to the growth and transformation of the industrial rental landscape in Western Europe.

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