EQIN Strengthens Presence in Industrial Rental Sector through the partnership with Indu-Tools


On May 26, 2023, VE Partners announced the strategic partnership between its portfolio company EQIN and Indu-Tools Group, a distinguished industrial equipment rental company. VE Partners has been the majority shareholder of EQIN since 2020 and sets its sights on expanding its footprint in the dynamic industrial rental sector.

Recognizing numerous growth opportunities within the industry, VE Partners sought a synergistic partner to enhance its position. The aspirations of Indu-Tools Group, which operates across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, align seamlessly with VE Partnrers’ vision. Both EQIN and Indu-Tools boast a strong presence in the industrial market, supported by proven track records of success. The collaboration will enhance the Group’s position in Western Europe, opening up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Sergio Campisi, Partner of VE Partners, emphasized, “Our goal is to adapt to the evolving demand in this expanding market.” He further highlighted that the partnership between Indu-Tools and EQIN enables them to cater more effectively to their customers’ needs while investing in sustainable solutions, innovations, and digitalization. Notably, this includes advancements in the ongoing energy transition within the industrial sector and broader applications of telematics.

Initially, the two companies will retain their individual identities under the overarching EQIN | Indu-Tools Group umbrella. This approach ensures that each entity remains recognizable while capitalizing on the benefits of collaboration. The increased scale resulting from this merger is anticipated to generate synergies in procurement and digitalization. Moreover, it provides expanded access to a shared network in Western Europe and a more strategically distributed geographical presence. The complementary nature of the rental fleets of EQIN and Indu-Tools further enhances the combined entity’s capabilities. The amalgamation of EQIN and Indu-Tools positions the newly formed entity as one of the major players in the industrial equipment rental sector in Western Europe, boasting an impressive turnover of €100 million and a workforce of 335 employees.

As both companies embark on this strategic journey together, the EQIN | Indu-Tools Group aims to deliver enhanced value, customer service, and contribute actively to the evolving landscape of the industrial sector in Western Europe.

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