Upforce Announces Strategic Partnership with Werkplek uitzend- en personeelsdienst B.V.


Upforce is delighted to unveil a new partnership with Werkplek uitzend- en personeelsdienst B.V., a specialist in the mediation of international flex workers in the construction, engineering, industry, and logistics sectors in Central-South Netherlands.

Founded in 2008 by Leo Cox and headquartered in Horst, the company has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Leo Cox’s decision to enter into a partnership with Upforce stems from the desire to accelerate growth and leverage the expertise, knowledge, and purchasing power of a larger organization. Leo Cox has laid a robust foundation upon which Upforce can build.

Ellen Niessen, General Director of Upforce, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We have full confidence in the experienced team at Werkplek, and together, we will focus on further developing our services. In particular, we would like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Leo Cox, Jos Penders, Twan Bakens, Jeroen Gerats, and Roxanne Cox for their confidence in Upforce. Their efforts and commitment are of great value and will contribute to a successful future for Werkplek within the Upforce family.”

This strategic partnership aligns with Upforce’s commitment to expanding its influence in the staffing services sector, fostering innovation, and delivering enhanced services to clients and flex workers alike. The collaboration sets the stage for a mutually beneficial journey, combining the strengths of both entities to achieve new heights in the dynamic field of temporary employment and staffing services.

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