Satelliet Group

Satelliet is the market leader in the Dutch hospitality furniture industry.

The Group is active in the design, development, production and distribution of indoor and outdoor furniture, predominantly for the hospitality market (restaurants, cafes and hotels), but also for offices, educational and healthcare institutions, retail, leisure and marine industries. Satelliet provides high quality chairs, tables and couches through its regular Satelliet Collection and offers uniquely designed pieces, in cooperation with international designers, through its exclusive brand Satelliet Originals.

Lensen Projectinrichting, also part of the Satelliet Group, is a project furnisher that designs and executes complete start-to-finish furnishing projects primarily in the care and cure market.

CEO Christan Brouwers said that he chose VE Partners as a partner because of the ‘shared vision’ and the importance of sustaining the current culture for the company’s success. Additionally, Brouwers expects that VE Partners’ know-how will help Satelliet in its international growth ambitions: “The choice was based on the existing expertise, working method, and the drive to further grow Satelliet in Northwest Europe.”

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