Premium Sound Solutions

Premium Sound Solutions (“PSS”) is a leading sound solutions provider for both the automotive and the premium consumer industry.

In 2022, the company achieved a milestone by producing over 110 million speakers and integrating them into two hundred different car models. Through our strategic investment, VE Partners expanded the company’s position in the value chain, both upstream and downstream. This involved establishing new production facilities globally and leveraging its distinctive technology in core markets, resulting in robust growth and performance improvements.

As part of our business plan, we played a pivotal role in implementing a new ERP system (SAP) on a global scale. Throughout this process, VE Partners actively supported value stream mapping, identifying and preparing organizational and process changes. Additionally, we participated in the steering committee, ensuring the smooth implementation of the ERP system with minimal business disruptions.

VE Partners sold its majority holding in PSS in 2023. This decision marks the culmination of VE Partners’ association with PSS, ushering in a new phase for the renowned audio solutions provider.

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