Mosam groups the participations in Maasveste and Van der Meijs.

Two innovative companies active in the maintenance and energy renovation market for housing corporations and professional real estate owners. The group is active in South and East of the Netherlands and specialized in day-to-day maintenance tasks and large scale (energetic) renovation works, having long-standing relationships with its client base. Mosam employs over 300 employees serving its clients out of 5 different branches. Both Maasveste and Van der Meijs are autonomous leading local organizations with own identity benefitting from collaboration to meet increasingly complex and growing demand from their client base.

Large investments in energetic renovations are required to meet set goals of 2028 and 2030. To meet up client requirements, companies need to invest in digitalization, innovation and know-how. We believe that scale benefits these investments which are similar across the regions.

Together with the management teams, VE Partners pursues an active buy-and-build strategy whereby Maasveste was acquired in 2021, Van der Meijs in 2022 and Houben Duurzame Renovatie was added to the group in 2023 to strengthen its position in the region.


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