InterDam is a designer, producer and supplier of fire- and blast-resistant architectural products including walls, doors and windows.

The company supplies to customers active in the energy, chemical, defense and infrastructure markets with a fully certified product portfolio and established a market leading position in an attractive niche market that is growing due to an increasing focus on safety and more stringent regulations.

There is attractive potential for an acquisitive strategy aimed at expanding into new end-markets and expansion of the product and service portfolio. This has amongst others resulted in the acquisition of key competitor Van Dam in 2020, which provided entrance into the defense and infrastructure end-market and broadened the product portfolio with maintenance & repair. In addition, the internal organization and systems and processes have been strengthened and expanded to support the top-line growth.

In 2023, the acquisition of Keers Special Doors further solidified InterDam’s position as a premier manufacturer of tunnel escape doors in the Benelux region, leveraging specialized knowledge.

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