Edel Group

Edel Group manufactured both carpet and artificial grass when we invested in the company.

We divested the carpet activities and expanded the artificial grass production activities in various stages of the value chain, partly via acquisitions in both the Netherlands and Germany. VE Partners transformed the company, enabling it to become the leading artificial grass contract manufacturer in North-Western Europe.

VE Partners’ added value was to help management keep focus and drive forward with investing time and effort in value added activities that strengthened their position in the value chain. We developed the decision framework to analyze and subsequently secure long-term contracts with pivotal clients. We provided the management team with guidance and tools to accelerate operational improvements and to improve the effectiveness of their efforts.

We negotiated and implemented the acquisition of Schramm yarns, a highly specialized artificial grass yarn producer. This acquisition played a pivotal role in securing Edel’s position in the value chain as the contract manufacturing partner of choice in North-Western Europe.

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