BINK is a leading technical service provider with a focus on electrical and mechanical engineering.

BINK is a prominent technical service provider in the  southern parts of The Netherlands with more than 250 employees that has experienced significant growth. The company is a full-service technical service provider organized in four specialized business units: Electrical Engineering, Security, Solar, and Mechanical Engineering. Demand for BINK’s technical services is growing significantly propelled by the energy transition, sustainability initiatives, digitalization trends, and increased requirements for safety and detection solutions within buildings. BINK is one of the most popular employers in the technical services sector due to its personal and no-nonsense culture and passion for engineering at the highest industry standards

Ralph Bink, the CEO and owner, and VE Partners teamed up to guide BINK through the next phase of development. BINK expects to continue to grow organically, but also through targeted acquisitions as the industry remains highly fragmented, expanding both operating range and service offering.


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