ACS Group

ACS Group is a first tier supplier to the global OEM automotive industry.

At the time of VE Partners’ investment, the company produced roof systems, flush windows, shading systems and cargo management systems for passenger cars and other light vehicles and had development and manufacturing sites in France, Spain, Romania, China, and Mexico.

ACS was acquired in a partnership with CIE Automotive. Together with the management team we assisted ACS in attracting a significant amount of new projects from new ‘key’ customers. We also supported ACS in entering the opening roof segment, which formed an interesting new product group due to the envisaged growth in that segment. This led to significant overall sales growth and enabled ACS to reduce the dependency on its key customer from over 60% of sales at the time of our investment to a much lower and healthier percentage. ACS also set up a new production facility in Mexico and expanded its production facilities in China and Romania during our holding period.

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