Actos Groep

Actos Groep offers temporary employment services in the Benelux via a platform of specialized labels.

Under specialty labels, employees are seconded and mediated in industries such as marketing & communications, procurement & tendering, HR, IT and facilities.

At the moment of VE Partners’ entry, the group consisted of InQuest, In2Talent, Doxa Communicatie and Doxa HR. In pursuing an active buy-and-build strategy, the group strategically acquired Conducto Inkoopadvies and Conducto Opleidingen in 2019 to strengthen its position in the procurement market. ResultaatGroep was added in 2022, marking the group’s expansion into the IT sector. Actos Groep is characterized by its status as a training company and offers extensive training programs and traineeships to its workforce.

Actos seeks to attract and retain talent with a high degree of value-added support, offering traineeships for young professionals and running its own training center offering certified, post-university programs. These factors make Actos a solid platform for growth, both organically and through selective acquisitions.


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